A Practical Look at Bundling Transactions: Let’s Bundle in the Jungle

A continuing trend in the leasing industry has been to combine or “bundle” maintenance and other soft costs with equipment in an equipment lease. Lessees have found such arrangements to be a practical, efficient, comprehensive solution to their needs, as the lessor would be financing all the goods and services necessary to operate the leased equipment.

Bundled leases are being used in all aspects of the marketplace. They are not simply limited to large-ticket technology deals. Examples of bundled leases range from leasing high-end, sophisticated medical equipment (inclusive of all software licenses, training, maintenance, and/or other supplies necessary to operate the equipment during the lease term) to a small-ticket, basic photocopier with maintenance for the term of the lease.

Bundled transactions are often required by the vendor and manufacturer in an effort to create “one payment” packages for both the equipment and services, perhaps to discount a prepaid maintenance agreement,

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