Assured Lease and Navigate Capital

It is our goal to see you as a company, sell more equipment, access more money, grow your business resulting in more productive lives, where you have more time to do the things you want to do. We want to see more companies acquire equipment, start a business, upgrade existing equipment, make more money, have more time with your families and lead more enriched and balanced lives.

We have been writing leases and answering the same lease questions for the past 15 years. We honestly believe that we do have all the answers. The last 15 years has given us the opportunity to ask our base of vendors and customers what they need.

The answer is resounding. We need a lease company that will give us the ability to do 3 things:

  1. Get our best customers the possible interest rates and terms available in the industry.
  2. Make sure you have solutions for all of the other customers that make sense for them and fit their needs.
  3. Make sure you treat these companies and people like you would like to be t

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