Athletes: You Are Not Your Own

It’s actually a lineage. A founder up the line mastered the sport in a peculiar way. He became champion using a style of his own, and he had a secret formula for coming up with such a winning style. He had trained other selected few in this style, who also trained others. These others did likewise, and so on. You may find yourself somewhere down the line, and soon your turn to add to this lineage would come. Now, all of you in this lineage all fight for a common cause: To keep this peculiar style the champion of all styles.

It’s really a battle of styles. Filipinos have a different style of playing a game compared to how the Chinese, Japanese, or Thais do.

However, the style develops and evolves, takes new forms, and comes out better than before. Due to the philosophy of aiming to be better, the style becomes updated due to the changing needs of the real arena, the real sports field “out there.”

Hence, you will see that being an ace sportsman is really a corporate or join

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