Avoid Clutter to Optimize Your Productivity


  1. Keep a handy box that will serve as your multi-purpose box whenever you pick lost objects in your house. You can use this box after cleaning a room or making an inventory inside your closet. Finally, make sure that those objects you will find go into their proper places.
  2. Clean as you go. Maintain the habit of cleanliness, in small ways or in general clean up. You can spend 10 minutes picking up objects or misplaced things. You may involve other people to engage in this habit too.
  3. Never put garbage anywhere. More so, don’t let these unnecessary objects hide inside your cabinets, closets, or under your bed until they become little monsters of their own.
  4. Your table should be your soul. A clean and organized working table will help you become more efficient. Daily tasks or mundane things (like sharpening a pencil or putting staple wires on a stapler) wouldn’t become a detraction to more complicated activities like analyzing entries of an accounting book or filing important

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