Be a Person of WOW! Be a person that people naturally gravitate to…

Be a Person of WOW! Be the kind of person that people just naturally gravitate to… Read more


This message will not only help you in business, but will also make you
the kind of person that people will just naturally gravitate to.

We’ve all heard about how important attitude is and how it affects us. I
am sure you’ve heard of how much better you will feel when you look at the
positive side of things… when you think positive thoughts, you will become a
positive person. It is not always easy, however, to just change your attitude
by trying to think positive thoughts. What if you did certain things, instead,
that created positive feelings inside you?

Here is a short story that shows how certain actions will ensure a YES!
– even if your day doesn’t start with a WOW!

I had a boss that was always in a good mood. Every day he came to work
with a big smile on his face and always replied with tons of energy “I am
fantastic!” when asked the question; “How are you doing?” He
also always found something on which to compliment people – like how they
looked or the work they’ve done. This happened every single day.

The interesting point here is how this behavior affected everybody who
met him. Everybody smiled and asked him what he had for breakfast or what kind
of drugs he was on. “I just think life is great!” he replied. You
couldn’t help feeling better when you saw him and talked to him. His
attitude was contagious!

The same thing happened to every customer that talked to him as well.
They smiled and felt better by his smile, energy, and compliments. More
importantly, they always bought whatever he suggested.

One day I was alone with him in his office and asked him sincerely,
“Are you really ‘fantastic’ every single day?” He replied, “Of
course not, but by saying it over and over again, it makes me feel that way
sooner or later. The more smiles and surprised faces I see, the better I feel.
By telling others and myself that I am fantastic, I convince my mind that I am
– but the thing that really creates the state of fantastic is when I make
others feel good about themselves.
When I see how great they feel by one of
my compliments, fantastic is the only way to feel.”

Both the employees and customers loved him. His reputation was WOW!

People struggle to stay positive in all different situations because
they focus on how they feel. Don’t focus on how you feel – rather, create the
feeling you want by doing the things that make you feel great! Making other
people feel great works every single time.

Make each day a WOW! day with a YES! Attitude:

  • Get up an hour earlier (YES! An hour earlier! It will be worth it,
         I promise!)
  • Get your coffee (or whatever you drink in the morning) and start to
         think about everything for which you are thankful. Your health, family,
         friends, house, etc.
  • Get an inspiring book and read for a few minutes – two pages or an
         entire chapter. Whatever you feel like. Then ask yourself, “What can
         I do today to make this day a WOW! day?
  • Commit to making everyone you meet feel great about themselves.

This list will set you up for creating a great day instead of getting up
at the last minute and rushing through the morning feeling stressed the whole

By committing to making everyone you meet feel great about themselves,
you will feel great too. Imagine coming to work and getting smiles from
everybody because of the person you are. They will think you are WOW!

Imagine making every customer feel great, special, and important. Do you
think they will buy more from you? Do you think they will refer more business
to you? Absolutely! They will think WOW! of you!

Imagine all business contacts thinking WOW! of you. Think you’d get more

YES! Attitude can be created every day if you focus on taking the right
actions. A YES! Attitude will create a WOW! buzz about you – and hey, what’s
wrong with a little Word of WOW! Marketing?





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