Beat the Rainy Day Blahs

These tips to staying active on a rainy day will help keep your spirits up until the next sunny day.

Activities for Kids
If you have children at home on rainy days it can be increasingly difficult to motivate them while staying positive yourself. In these instances you’ll have to get creative. Keeping things fun and enjoying the time with your kids will enhance everyone’s mood and keep you all happy. Sitting in front of the TV may be fine for short period of time but will ultimately bring you and your kids down and can even hinder their learning. Better activities for kids during a rainy day are going to the library and getting them to choose their own book, work on a scrapbook, or try a new craft or recipe. Choose something that they are interested in so they’ll stay focused on the task. For example, if your son is interested in Dinosaurs bake cookies in the shape of his favourite Dinosaur and have him talk about why he likes them while you’re baking.

Board games that involve

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