Brain Drain

What’s the name of that beautiful spring flower with the gorgeous fragrance? You know the one-it grows on a bushy plant, it’s usually purple or mauve or…?

If you answered lilac without missing a beat then chances are you’re under forty.

The rest of us are all too familiar with the mild memory glitches that inevitably go along with a brain that’s begun to show its age-that’s why you occasionally forget your neighbor’s name or notice you’re experiencing a little extra trouble when it comes to absorbing and retaining new information.

Serious cognitive decline on the other hand-almost four-and-a-half-million Americans, for example, suffer from Alzheimer’s-while associated with longevity is not necessarily an inevitable aspect of growing older.

Research suggests that the aging brain may be subject to damage from toxins, dodgy circulation and inflammation but a compelling body of growing scientific evidence suggests that you can exert positive influence over the state of your gra

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