Brand New Newsletter


We will be launching our newsletter tomorrow. Look for an email in your Inbox. If you havent seen it yet go to and click on Assured News.

This is a value added service that we provide to keep you current and up to date. After receiving the amount of phone calls we receive on a daily basis we figured that it would be much easier to convey all of the answers in a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter. This way we can also share the answers with those who don’t have the time to call in.

In the Newsletter you will find pertinent lease finance information, access to health and lifestyle tips and links to our web site and other social media formats. It is our sole intention to provide your best customers with the best interest rates and terms available in the country while providing everyone else with solutions that make sense for them and fit their budget. Our top tier interest rates will not be beaten by any other funder in the country and our solutions for everyone els

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