Can Healthy Also be Fun?

Alternative Sweet Treats

Cut the refined sugar and stick to other sweet goodies like dried fruit and sugar free candy. Although it may be more expensive, organic chocolates and candies have fewer negative health implications than conventional candy and won’t leave your kids feeling like they’re missing out. Dried fruit is great on its own because it’s sweet and chewy like candy of mix it with granola for that extra crunch. Sugar free gum is also a great alternative because it doesn’t contain the sugars cause hyperactivity and chewing it can also prevent tooth decay and cavities. Candy apples have always been a popular Fall treat and can be adapted to be healthier. Instead of the traditional caramel or candy coating, dip the apple in honey instead and cover with crushed nuts or graham cracker bits. Use your imagination and the healthy possibilities are endless.

Throwing in your chips

Savoury snacks are just as popular this time of year. It seems everywhere you turn there is an

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