Caring For Elderly Parents

A lot of times your elderly relative will claim that they can care for themselves and don’t need to be moved or helped in any way. It’s hard for someone who has cared for themselves and others all their lives to admit that they need help and can’t do it anymore on their own. If your loved one can still live on their own but they need help in certain areas there are options for that as well. There are many things to consider when an elderly person lives alone. Are they able to cook for themselves safely and are they getting the proper nutrition they need? Can they bathe on their own or is there a concern with falling? What about memory loss? Is there a risk over leaving the oven on or the taps running?

If your concerns can be managed with regular visits by a home care nurse, visits from you or even other elderly companions who can combat loneliness, then it may be possible for your parent to stay in their own home. Have a good look around their home and access their needs. Th

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