Children’s Diets

If you do choose to put your child on a “diet” it’s important to not use that word when describing their nutrition. The word “diet” has so many negatives associated with it and we don’t want our children to grow up thinking that dieting is healthy. Instead focus on nutrition and healthy eating. Never try a fad diet on your child or yourself.

Get involved in your child’s life so you are more aware of what they are eating both at home and when they are at school or with friends. Due to increased media attention school cafeterias have made major changes to what they will serve students for lunch. They have added more healthy options but your child still has a choice of what they will eat. By educating them at home to choose the right types of food you’ll set them off on the right foot when they have to make the decision on their own at school. A better option is to make a healthy lunch to send with your child to school.

We all live active lives and it can be difficult to always p

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