Chill Out and Reduce Anger

Learning to Relax

This is one technique which is used to reduce the intensity of angry feelings. It may involve the use of relaxing imagery or deep breathing. You could try to look for courses and books which allow you to practice relaxation techniques. These techniques are important since they will allow you to calm down any time you start to lose your temper. Another way to describe this technique is “taking a time out” or getting a breather. Younger people would probably call it “chilling out”.

If you feel yourself getting angry, walk away from the person or thing making you mad and start taking a series of deep breaths that come from your diaphragm and will clear out your lungs. Keep walking around and breathing deeply til your head clears of the feelings of rage. This technique permits you to get a clearer perspective on the situation before you tackle it head-on.

Cognitive Restructuring
This term means you have to adjust how you think. Angry people have a propensity to

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