Dates with your Spouse

For couples with children at any age it’s difficult to find the time to reconnect with each other. Young children need constant supervision and as they get older their lives become busier as well. When children start participating in more activities parents find themselves spending most of their lives driving kids around, cheering them on, or getting them ready for the next activity. It becomes even more difficult with two or more children as one parent usually ends up taking one child to their activity, while the other parent goes with the other child. With work commitments added to the mix parents can easily go weeks without spending any quality time together. This can put stress on even the strongest marriages.

To maintain a strong relationship couples should schedule date nights, even if it can only be done once a month. Nights out, or in, without the children or other distractions are important for adults. Dates are also a great way to break the routine and to get couples

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