Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers

The first step in coping with a difficult co-worker is to assess the situation and fully understand the circumstances that you are dealing with. Make notes, writing down the behaviours that bother you immediately after the situation occurs. Documenting the situation ensures the accuracy of your story but also allows you to review the co-workers behaviour at a later time when the dust has settled. It may turn out that it wasn’t as bad as first thought.

Using your notes as reference, come up with a plan of action but keep in mind the different personalities that you will encounter. Typically there are six different difficult behaviours that you may have to deal with. By deciding which type of behavious your co-worker is demonstrating, you’ll be better armed to handle the situation. You may be able to deal with the person directly but in some cases going to a higher up is the only option.

Following are the six types of difficult behaviour and ways to adapt your own behaviour t

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