Desk Friendly Workouts

  1. Clear the clutter from your desk. There is nothing stress-inducing than seeing a desk full of papers, pens and all sorts of stuff. One look at it and you get the feeling of being thoroughly busy most of the time. It is as if you have a mountain of things to do. Sort out the trash form the important things. Arrange paperwork by order of urgency. Prioritize. Keep pens and other writing materials in one place. That way you will not have to search high and low for them every time you need to jot something down.
  2. Open those drawers. I’m sure you have a bar of Hershey’s or a packet of M&M’s hidden somewhere, especially when you need that boost of energy to make up for a missed lunch. Hmmm not a very good idea. I am already counting the calories inside your desk drawer. Give it away. Give away those extra pounds. Give away those extra inches. Anything extra should be shared I say.
  3. Every office has its own water dispenser. Now I already mentioned the importance of water in your fitness plan

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