Don’t Skip Heavy Lifting

The truth about gaining weight and bulk is that it takes a lot more than just lifting weights. Gaining bulk requires the right combination of testosterone, calories and weight lifting. It doesn’t happen by accident and even requires a lot of effort in men. So it’s very unlikely that adding some heavy lifts to your workout will turn you into the Hulk.

There are many benefits to heavy lifting including stimulating the growth of lean muscle. Lean muscle is what helps create a slim, fit body contour. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want that. Heavy lifting and building lean muscle also increases your metabolism because muscle weight helps you burn more fat. This is because muscles are an active tissue whereas fat isn’t. The more muscle you build the less fat you’ll have. Your metabolism also increases because with more muscle your body burns more calories throughout the day and not just while you’re exercising.

Heavy lifting workouts are also beneficial because they combat bored

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