Fitness Gadgets

For Runners
A pacer will help both new runners and seasoned veterans. They offer an interactive training program that gives feedback as you run. The pacer tells you when to push harder and when to ease up so that you’re always in your target heart rate zone. Using a pacer will also help with training for marathons or other long distance races as they keep you on track to finish in your goal time. There are also devices on the market that can store your route, time and pace which can later be uploaded on to your computer to track your training progress. This is a great way to set goals and improve your results.

For Golfers
Instead of relying on the yard markers on the course, which are moved every time someone cuts the fairway, why not try a more accurate GPS system? These devices can more accurately tell you the distance to the pin, but are not limited to just that. Most of the new devices have thousands of courses preloaded and can be updated at any time through your compute

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