Fix Your Hangover

Need some advice on how to fix hangover symptoms quickly and easily? Well, it may be easy but might not be as quick as you would like. The best thing you can do for yourself is take the time to rest and relax if you have over done it the night before. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all said it, “I’m never going to drink like that again.” Uh huh, til next time that is. Why do we do it? Who knows.We think we are having fun but the next morning we wonder why we had so much fun and if it was really worth what we have to deal with now. Headache, sensitivity to light and sound (sound especially), feeling like something has crawled in your mouth and died there, nausea and possibly the worst thing that the human body can do, throw up. Do ya really want to see everything you did last night for a second time? Blech! Icky, nasty, gross! I don’t think so.

When you wake up in the morning after a night of over-indulgence the very first thing you will want to do is clean your mouth. Brush your teeth and rinse with a strong mouthwash, preferably one without alcohol in it. This will not make you feel completely better but it is a good start to fix hangover symptoms.

After cleaning your mouth, drink a glass of cool water. Not too cold otherwise your stomach may cramp and cause you to vomit. Take only sips if you have to and do not slam this first glass of water or you may just be seeing it again very soon. You need to be very nice to your stomach right now or it will rebel against you.

Next, grab some caffeine, hot or cold it doesn’t matter. You just need to wake up a little bit. Do not drink more than a couple of caffeinated drinks because caffeine, like alcohol, is dehydrating and you want to concentrate on hydrating yourself today. Drinking a glass of water every hour or so will be the best thing, along with time, that you can do for yourself today.

To become even more lucid, take a nice, long, hot shower and just let the water cascade over you. I guarantee that when you are done taking your shower you will feel like a human being again. Now it is time to dress in very comfortable clothes and either return to bed and take a nap or relax on the couch. Do not do anything too stressful or exert yourself in any way, if you do you will only exacerbate your symptoms and it will only take longer to feel better.

As soon as you feel hungry, try to eat just a little something. Have some tea with honey and some toast. The honey will help stabilize your blood sugar and the toast with some butter spread on it will help get rid of the nausea you may be feeling. If you are a little shaky it probably means your blood sugar is low so make sure you get that honey into your system to help fix hangover symptoms….

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