Food Allergies – When Food Fights Back

Understanding the root of allergies and intolerances may help you keep your children healthy and ease the stress involved in preparing meals for others.

An allergy is a response from the immune system to certain foreign substances. Common food allergies are to wheat/gluten, meat, dairy, nuts, shell fish and soy products. Food allergies can be severe in people who don’t produce sufficient digestive enzymes. Allergies can be improved by eating enzyme rich foods like raw fruit and vegetables. Overcooking food destroys the enzymes and can make digestion difficult. The lack of enzymes in the body causes a build up of undigested food in the body which leads to bacterial growth and can eventually lead to an allergy. This is why some people may have been fine with foods before but develop an allergy later in life. Allergy testing can be done by either a blood or a skin test, so speak with your doctor if you have any food concerns. In severe cases allergens may cause anaphy

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