Food For Thought, and Memory, and Concentration

We’ve heard about the studies done recently in schools where reducing the junk food in children’s diets has shown that test scores go up, children and sit still for longer periods and pay attention more. These facts are not only true for children but are true for adult brains as well. Junk food contains a lot of sugar or high fructose corn syrup which should be avoided. Over processed foods or those that contain trans fatty acids are not only terrible for the body but for the brain as well. These bad foods slow many mental processes and reduce our energy and concentration levels. Unhealthy diets are linked to a higher risk of dementia and depression in adults.

Now that we know what’s not good for the brain, let’s focus on what we should be feeding the brain. Stick with fresh, whole foods that contain low levels of natural sugars like fruit, vegetables and whole grains. These foods will keep your brain functioning efficiently on all levels. To improve brain power and learning e

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