Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Researches reveal two findings about exercise (applicable to insomniacs).

  • Insomniacs have more inactive lives than high-quality sleepers. The absence of physical activity can promote insomnia by inhibiting the daily rise and fall of the body-temperature rhythm. As a result, many people get caught in a cycle of insomnia, less energy and physical activity, and worsened insomnia.
  • Exercise enhances sleep by creating a significant rise in body temperature, followed by a compensatory drop a few hours later. The fall in body warmth, which endures for two to four hours after exercise, makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

    Insomniacs can truly profit from a good exercise program. Not only will it encourage good overall health, most notable would be the increased supply of oxygen to our lungs, blood, and entire body; but it will also cause a sedative and soothing effect to the body when we go to sleep at night.

    The reason behind all this?

    Exercise causes our body temperature t

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