Get Started in the Stock Market

Guidelines for beginners

Many people have thought of trading in the stock market once or twice in their lives. The problem is they just don’t know how to start.

For some, the stock market may look so easy considering you just need to make a few phone calls and meet some people and talk to some high brass firms. It is all about presentation they say. But, it’s important that you have the know how to say things at the right time.

To those who are seriously considering trading in the stock market as a career, one of the important things that you need to know is the types of stocks to be used in trading. In the stock market, there are basically two types of stocks available: the common stock and the preferred stock.

The type that most individuals hold is called the “common stock” wherein the trader represents the majority of stock and he or she reserves the rights when it comes to voting people in the management as well as also calls the shots when it comes to share in divi

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