Get Your Garden Ready

If you’re starting your garden from scratch draw up a plan of the space and decide what you want to plant where before going to the garden centre. Doing this beforehand will save you time and money. Also, shop around for the best quality flowers and plants at the best price. You might not find everything you need at one garden centre so plan ahead and know where the good values are.

Do some reading on the types of plants and flowers that will thrive in your area. Also look at your garden and find out where you get the most sun and the most shade. This will be a factor in the types of plants that you put in certain areas. Try to avoid getting all annuals as you will create more work for yourself every year. Annuals are great for adding colour to your garden may require a lot of maintenance so chose some nice perennials and shrubs as well to fill the space.

Before planting make sure you are well into spring. Annuals will not survive a frost so wait long enough to know that the

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