Go The Distance

As with any training program long distance running should start with a goal. You goal could be completing a 10km race, half marathon or full marathon. If you’re a seasoned running you may decide to make your goal increasing your pace or finishing in a certain time or amongst the elite runners. Whatever your motivation make sure it is measurable and within reason in the given timeframe.

Benefits of Long Distance Running
Long distance running can be very rewarding. You’ll feel more energetic, healthier and the endorphins released in your brain can actually improve your mood and make you happy. You’ll also have the great feeling of satisfaction when your runs get longer or you reach a milestone distance or time. Long distance running is also good for your mental health as running in the fresh air can help clear your lungs and your head and it gives you time to think things through instead of acting on reaction alone.

Start Your Training
Once you’ve decided on your goal get wor

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