Golf Stretches

Treat golf like any other sport. You would start a game of baseball without stretching or throwing the ball around. The same goes for your golf game. Proper stretching will not only help to prevent injury but it can also dramatically improve your game.

Common golf injuries typically occur on the first drive because the golfer hasn’t warmed up properly. Injuries will often affect the golfers lower back, neck and shoulders. You’ll want to make sure to warm up your legs, your core, your back and your arms to make sure that your muscles and joints are loose. Loose joints and muscles create better flexibility which will give you longer more controlled shots.

Try these simple pregame stretches to help warm up your body and improve your game. They only take a few minutes and can be done while you’re waiting for the group in front to tee off.

Upper Body Extension:
Hold a club in both hands, with your hands and feet shoulder width apart. Inhale slowly while moving the club o

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