Golf Tournament Champions 2010

eing a sales person is not what it was 15 years ago when I used to wake up every morning and drive around all week, 8 hours a day servicing my clients’ needs. What we heard was, “continue to see lessees in person and sign leases with them, but you dont need to see me once a week every week anymore” We know you, we know Assured and we know the value add you bring to the table. Take us golfing or out boating for the day instead”.  What these same clients need is access to our services, quick answers to all of their questions, instant access to applications and a company that is instantly available and always there. There will be no more “telephone tag”!! who has time for that anymore when everything is so instant.  In keeping with growing our company through initiative listening we are now offering Video blogs. See below. We will not send you these every month but we wanted to give you an idea of what they will look like. The blogs will all be on our website and yes I am working on the v

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