Shock and denial are often the first common emotions when dealing with a loss, especially if there was no warning. Once we are over these initial emotions we usually try to hold on to the person in some way. If they’ve passed away, we may look at old photos or keepsakes of theirs. If the person has left then we try to hold on by keeping connected to their life is some way. What we are doing is trying to keep our perception of them alive. We seem to only remember the good. This occurs mostly when someone we love has walked away.

The reason it is so difficult to rebuild our lives at this time of year is because it is a time most spent with family and friends. We remember the happy times around the holidays spent with our loved ones and try to imagine what we would be doing with them if they were still here. It is also a time for reflection. Also, in January people get back to work and back to the routine of their lives. We become less social than we are around the holidays a

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