Healthy Family Meals

Plan your week’s meals one week in advance and prepare as much as you can ahead of time. By following this practice you’ll find that healthy meals can be just as easy as processed or ready meals. You’ll want to plan your meals before you shop. By doing this you’ll only be purchasing what is required for your week’s meals and therefore will spend less time and money on impulse purchases. Meal planning also creates more variety in your diet. When your write down your meals for the week you’ll be able to see what you’ll be feeding your family that week so you’ll avoid making snap decisions which can cause you to eat similar meals two or three days in a row.

You can cut down on the time it takes to prepare your evening meals by spending some time on the weekend on food preparation. Precook chicken or other lean meat to add later to salads, pasta or stirfrys. You can also precut vegetables to keep in the fridge as a convenient addition to meals. Precut vegeta

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