Holiday Fun Without Weight Gain

How can you get through the holiday season without gaining a few pounds? Here are a few tips to keep the pounds off but still enjoy the holidays.

It’s very easy to overeat at Christmas because there are a lot of foods that we don’t get to eat very often. Some foods we may only get once a year around this time. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to eat these tasty foods, so start with a plan.

  • Set your limits before you start and stick with them. You could decide to have only one plate of dinner, so you can enjoy dessert. Or maybe you’d rather skip the appetizer so you can have two helpings of turkey. Whatever you decide at the beginning of your meals or even at the beginning of your holidays, try not to stray from the original plan.
  • Wine, beer and eggnog mixed drinks contain a lot of unnecessary calories. It’s nice to enjoy a drink with friends and family but best to be smart about things. If you’re out for a meal have a drink before and one with dinner but don’t over do it

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