How Does Fitness Equipment Leasing Work?

There are varying types of fitness equipment leasing plans. Some, such as the fair market value (FMV) plan, offer flexible terms with lower monthly payments. Fair market value usually provides options at the end of a lease term, including purchase, lease extension, or lease termination and equipment return. The $1 buy-out plan is an option for those with definite intent to purchase. While payments are usually higher than other plans, at the end of the lease term lessees can buy the equipment for $1 Dollar.

Another common type of leasing plan offers mid-range payments and terms that fall between the FMV and the $1 buy-out plan. This type of plan typically allows the option to either buy or return the equipment at the end of the fitness equipment leasing plan. Purchase price is set at a fixed percentage of initial equipment cost, usually 10-12% of the equipment cost or amount financed. Individual fitness equipment retailers may also have unique plans specific to their business model

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