Joint ventures with equipment vendors

Economic recovery is real, but risks remain

Q. What is the status of the global economic recovery? I believe the global economic recovery is real. There is strong momentum in Asia and in other emerging markets around the world. However, in the case of the developed world, it does look like the recoveries are quite fragile and tentative. Canada is in a different situation than the rest of the developed world. Our economy went through a significant decline and has since rebounded. It has recouped almost all the output it lost during the last recession, and almost all the jobs it lost. But the economy will slow down from here.

EQUIPMENT VENDORS – are you interested in running your own equipment lease portfolio for equipment you sell? That is to say you make the credit decisions, you do the lease documents, you take the risk and your company realizes the upside profit margins inherent in the loans? All using our money. As we head into the next 10 years of stability it makes

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