Keep Strong Through Cold and Flu Season

Although a healthy diet and exercise are important all year round, there are a few tricks to follow in the Fall and Winter to keep you and your family healthy.

What to avoid

Diet is the easiest and probably most effective way to keep your immune system strong and similarly an unhealthy diet can make you more prone to catching a cold. Although anything in moderation is acceptable there are a few things that should be cut back or avoided.

  • Minimize your caffeine intake. Caffeine causes dehydration and depletes the level of minerals and vitamins in the body.
  • Cut out or reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol has the same effect as caffeine on the body and should be avoided to strengthen the immune system.
  • Eat less sugar. A high sugar diet adversely affects your immune system and can drain you of the energy needed to fight a cold. Sugar leaves you more vulnerable to infections because it inhibits the white blood cells ability to fight bacteria.

    Food to make you stronger

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