Kick Start your Energy

There’s so much to do and so little time to do it-meanwhile all you really want is to test drive the new sofa. If the ring of the alarm clock or the demands of Monday morning make you feel like pulling the covers over your head then you’re probably in serious need of a revitalization strategy.

Non-specific fatigue and overall lack of energy are among the most commonly heard complaints in the doctor’s office. Ironically, your lack of vigor may have its roots in a society where ambition and enterprise are run amok-as demands on your time soar, your energy inventory risks depletion and it all becomes too much.

“Too much technology usage, too much information, too much caffeine, too little exercise, too little sleep and too much negativity-a combination of many factors is causing the TIRED epidemic. Many of these factors are outlined in my book, The 10-Minute Energy Solution. Another factor is emotional pain. People are filling their lives with negative emotions and fear and habits

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