Kids Fitness

With the invention of video games and other technology the youth of today are lacking the imagination of youth of the past. Because of this it is more difficult for them to come up with their own activities or games to play. This generation is so used to everything being laid out in front of them. To combat this, we have to come up with other creative, fun activities that help to stimulate their mind and get their bodies moving.

Get Them Moving

Not all children like the idea of exercise so you’ll have to come up with games or activities that get them moving but don’t resemble working out. For little girls, host a dance party in your living room. Move the furniture to one side to make a dance floor, get out some up beat music, invite your daughters friends and get the party started. You don’t need to have an excuse for the party and there is no need to serve unhealthy snacks. Have some water and fruit and vegetables ready for when they are tired. They’ll be having so much fu

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