Kids Know It All

Try using these childhood behaviours more often and see the changes it brings to your life.

Eating the same foods that we feed toddlers will help control your calorie intake and can prevent weight gain. This is particularly true when it comes to what we give our young children for a snack as they are often healthier and more satisfying than the adult alternatives. Frozen grapes, mashed bananas and reduced-fat yogurt are great snacks for you and your child. When it comes to eating kids will also stop when they are full, unlike adults who keep eating until their plates are clean. Adults will do this even if they have had enough. If you start eating like a kid, grazing until you’re 90% full, you’ll feel healthier and may even notice some weight loss.

Kids don’t dread exercise. Most of them don’t even know what a workout is, yet they’re healthy and full of energy. Kids burn calories in ways that are fun. Playing tag, jumping rope or climbing on the playground ar

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