Learn to Meditate

What can Meditation Do?

There are many different types of meditation just as there are many different reasons why people choose to meditate. The main purpose of any meditation is to reconnect the mind and the body and clear the brain of negativity. Thoughts, ideas, reminders and lists are constantly entering and clogging the mind. When the mind is full of thoughts it’s very difficult to prioritise your tasks and focus on the now. This constant reworking of thoughts and the wandering of the mind can cause us added stress. Meditation will bring clear focus to the mind and body. It helps to re-collect your mind and your thoughts so you can enjoy the now and not worry so much about what’s coming up. Through meditation we start to listen more to our bodies. This is important especially during times of stress because it is the body that shows the symptoms of stress through illness.

How to Start

You don’t need a designated meditation room. You don’t need alters or even a meditatio

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