Loneliness Survival Tips

Learn to listen

Listening to music when you are alone is, for many, a great antidote to loneliness (as long as what you’re listening to is not rubbing salt to your emotional wounds). If it’s talk you want to hear (or any other sound), your radio or television is always there for you. All you have to do is listen.

Learn to see

You can begin by using your senses. Look around at people and enjoy the expressions on their faces. Observe their clothing, their ways of walking and manners of speaking. Watch kids at play. Watch pets running around. Look at the beauty of your surroundings. Try to get outside of yourself every day by seeing one new thing in your world. You might notice something you never have before and make new discoveries.

Eliminate the “shoulds”

Enjoy what you’re doing without wishing for something you can’t have or wish to change right now. This can be a little difficult, as the media constantly bombards us with images of people and situations on what should b

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