Lose Excess Christmas Weight

Just like any other resolution start with a plan, a support group and the desire to succeed. You have to focus on exercise and diet in order to get the results you want. Be realistic about your resolution and have a tagible goal in mind within a realistic timeline. Also, come up with a plan that suits your lifestyle. If you can’t get up early, than don’t decide to join an aerobics class that happens at 6am.

When choosing a workout program make sure you follow a regime that uses both aerobic and weight training. The aerobics will help you burn calories and the weight training will help improve your metabolism. Try not to focus on weight loss alone. As you tone the body and increase muscle mass your weight loss will slow or even stop. Choose other goals like a reduction in body fat percentage or smaller dress size.

Set up a program with a trainer who can help you develop your plan and keep you motivated. Trainers are also great at adapting the exercise regime as you progre

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