Marriage 101: Never Ever Fight

Fighting can be damaging. It involves emotions. When emotions get involved, you may say harmful things that you really don’t mean to say, and unfortunately what’s done can never be taken back.

Marvin came home drunk one rainy night. On his way upstairs he’s singing his favorite song. He opened the door and found Leah on the bed. He tried to kiss Leah but to his surprise he caught Leah’s hand on his cheek. It drove him angry in that instance. The painful fight lasted for almost an hour leaving Leah with a swollen body.

As much as possible, avoid getting into a heated argument. A fight can easily damage a marital relationship. The fight may start over an unimportant matter and before you both know it, it soon escalates into an exchange of offensive words.

“Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire.””H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

There are four relationship factors:

  1. In a marital relationship you tend to be more vulnerable than in any other kind of relationship. As the re

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