Multi-joint Exercises

Single joint exercises are fine for certain people who are looking for specific results, like body builders who need to show off each muscle individually, but for the average gym user these exercises are not suitable. They can also cause aches and pains because you end up imbalanced by focusing on one muscle while neglecting another. Muscles work together like a chain. If you only focus on one muscle at a time you are making the other muscles in the chain weaker.

Multi-joint exercises are more true to our everyday movements. Therefore, if you focus on these types of exercises during your workouts you improve the functional movement of your body. You’re also able to cut your gym time in half and still get all the workout and you will no longer have to split your workouts into muscle groups. By using more muscle groups per exercise you’ll increase your metabolism which helps to burn more fat.

Squats and deadlifts are the two best multi-joint exercises because they are great for i

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