Ouch! What Bites?

The Worst Culprits
In North America mosquitoes are the worst culprit. They generally come out in the evening and at night and will breed in damp areas or stagnant water. Mosquitoes bite to draw blood and will leave a red, itchy bump on the skin. In rare cases in North America mosquitoes can cause malaria or west nile. These diseases are more common when travelling to third world countries so precautions should be taken in those cases.

To protect against mosquito bites wear light coloured, loose fitting clothing. Use a mosquito net over you bed when camping to keep them off your skin. Tip out any containers that can trap water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your yard. Using insect repellents on your skin will help prevent them from biting and citronella candles or bug zappers in the garden will help to keep them away. Make sure to read the labels of any repellents before applying them to the skin.

Ticks are also common in North America and are typically found in long

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