Parents vs. Teens – How to Communicate

Difficult Teens

It may seem like your teen isn’t listening or tunes you out when you are talking. The worst thing to do in this situation is to stop communicating. They are listening even if you’re not getting the reaction you expect. Keep talking, stay honest and keep natural. Don’t have an agenda because they will see right through you and close off even more. Believe in who they are and not what they accomplish. Find out their interests and talk with them about these things. Work out ways to emphasize their successes even if it’s not on what you find important like math or science. If they are great a guitar, support them and encourage them. Show your teen how proud of them you are. If an argument erupts both of you need to take a time out. Go your separate ways until you have calmed down and can talk civilly. Shouting will get you nowhere.

All Teens

Whether your teen is good, bad or indifferent take time to do what they enjoy doing. When you spend time with your te

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