Pay Cash for equipment vs Lease: What you need to know

When does it make more sense to buy computers? When does it make more sense to lease? Assured Lease talked to two fast-growing small businesses, one that made the buy decision, one that decided to lease, to find out. We also spoke with executives at several large vendors to find out the latest trends and to get their take on buying versus leasing.

When your business is all about cutting-edge technology, buying can make good sense
Founded in 2000, with the current ownership taking over mid-2002 Small Business Television Network, or SBTV, is the first television network on the Web devoted to the small business market. The free service is available 24/7 on the Internet. Because of the high-tech nature of the business, having the latest technology is critical.

As the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael Kelley, explains, “Before we went and purchased anything, we developed a business plan with a three-year outlook on what we thought we needed for the business. During the planning

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