Plan the Perfect Party

  1. Decide on the type of party you wish to have. Will it be casual or formal, a sit down dinner or passed hors d’oevres, will kids be included or is it adults only, and finally is there a theme to your party.
  2. Set your budget based on the type of party you wish to throw and be realistic. Look into how much things may cost before you set your budget so you’re not surprised when you start purchasing or booking things.
  3. Plan your menu and try any new food beforehand. Don’t try a new recipe on the day of the party. You’ll be stressed that it won’t turn out right, so stick with tried and true recipes that people love.
  4. Make a list. Although this is step four it is probably the most important step in the process. Your list should include everything that needs to be done or purchased for the party. If you are having help write the name of the person helping you beside each task that they are working on. This will keep you and your helpers on track.
  5. Send out the invitations. This does

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