Portion Sizes

A portion control diet is the easiest type of diet to follow because you’re not restricting your eating to any particular type of food, you’re just eating less. Portion control is not a fad, a detox or a quick fix. It is a method of achieving weight loss and creating a healthier lifestyle.

Why do we eat more? Mostly because it’s put right in front of us. Dinner plates are larger, restaurant portions are larger and we have it instilled in our brain that we must finish everything on our plate. Next time you’re in the grocery store or in the kitchen preparing dinner read the labels on your food. All food labels break the contents down into portions. These portions are broken down into individual serving sizes based on what is required to sustain us. By following these guidelines you’ll notice a huge difference in what is recommended and what you have been giving yourself and your family.

Start by using a smaller plate and think about what you’re putting on it. 50% of

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