Positive Parenting and Hypnosis

The use of hypnosis for children is starting to be a common method in dealing with children who are having difficulties in advancing into adulthood. Aside from using hypnosis to deal with different behavioural and health problems, hypnosis parenting or using hypnosis with your children at home is also starting to become more common.Hypnosis parenting, experts claim, is a method of positive parenting. What are ideas behind this parenting and how do they work?

Hypnosis is not ordering or becoming authoritative to other people. This is something that we should understand and be clear about.
Hypnosis, unlike what we commonly know, is not about making people do something which they would not remember or not want to do. Hypnosis is about suggestions.

Experts said that our children are already suggestible from their parents. Almost all parents are familiar with their baby’s emotions
and facial expressions. Actually, if we smile at a baby and make eye contact it is highly likely that they would be smiling back. Children learn from the parents through the parents’ actions and expressions. If a parent wants to teach something to their children, it is important to show an example that we are also following these rules that were set out for them.

Hypnosis parenting is not only applicable when you want your children to do their homework or do household chores. You can also use hypnosis to help them with difficulty in sleeping or nervousness and tension before exams, school presentation or a game.

How do you do this?

You can start by talking to them before they go to sleep. Make sure that they are comfortable and make them close their eyes. You could start telling a story which would show the protagonist succeeding in the challenges that he faced. Use positive images when telling a story. This would help your child ease their tension. Aside from helping your child ease out the tension, the parent and the child also get the chance to spent some bonding moment together.

What the parents say have an impact on how children feel about themselves. An example would be the behaviour they show. If the child is refusing to follow certain rules in the house, and you get a heated discussion over it, it’s more likely that the child will not change their behaviour.

You could replace the heated discussion with random positive statements, like saying that the child is improving their behaviour and acknowledging their efforts to behave. The child will feel better and eventually will believe that he is indeed behaving well. Soon enough, the child will change his behaviour for the better.

These simple suggestions help the children’s mind and their subconscious to accept and believe in themselves. So if the statements made or the statements that a child can hear are all negative, the subconscious would believe only in this negative behaviour.

But if positive statements are heard by the child, even if they are randomly placed in conversation, the subconscious perceives this as the truth and will eventually translate into their actions.

Hypnosis for children can even be used in encouraging them to do household chores. All you want to do is look at them straight into the eyes and ask them to do the household chores. A little bobbing of the head, would encourage your child to agree to do the job delegated to them. …

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