Power Lifting vs. Bodybuilding

Power lifting competitions are comprised of three lifts: squat, bench press, and dead lift. Competitors are put into classes that are determined by different factors like the experience and age and are asked to lift the maximum achievable weight for each of the aforementioned lifts. Training for this type of competition consists of building strength, improving technique and working up to 1 rep max weight for each lift.

On the other hand, bodybuilders are judged on their appearance. More care needs to be taken on how their body looks in certain poses. Training for bodybuilding competitions will be more isolated, working on one muscle or muscle group at a time to achieve maximum definition. Other preparations include body hair removal and tanning to better show off the definition.

Both power lifters and bodybuilders should stick to a healthy diet. It is important to eat enough calories each a day to optimize muscle building while at the same time sticking to the right foods.

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