Pre-Wedding Exercise

Whether you plan on doing it alone or with the help of a gym or trainer, keep in mind that workouts for brides should be quick and easy. You will have a lot on your mind and many things to take care of, so won’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym. You also want the workout to be effective at losing fat and toning the body. Cardio endurance is not a priority right now.

Ideally you should start your workout program six months before your wedding day, especially if you need to lose weight. Slower weight loss is healthier and you’re more likely to keep the weight off. If you’re starting with less than six months then it’s best to look into bootcamps or high intensity workout classes. The instructor will motivate you and push you to work harder and the group atmosphere makes working out more fun. If you’re having fun you’re more likely to continue with the workouts.

If you’re intimidated by a class then look into personal training. It’s a lot easier to lose weight and get fit

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