Protecting Against Sun Damage

Why Use Sun Protection?
Any time the skin is exposed to the sun without proper protection damage is being done to the skin cells below the surface. You don’t have to burn for the damage to be done and it probably won’t be noticeable right away. The damage you’re doing now to your skin, or the damage that was done when you were young can cause all sorts of problems including freckling, discolouration, dark spots, melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.

The best thing is to protect your skin before the damage is done. Once the damage has occurred to the skin cells, it’s very difficult to reverse the effects. There are cosmetic creams and procedures that can fade age spots and sun damage but your skin will never return to your original skin tone and your complexion will always be uneven. Dehydration and wrinkles caused by the sun’s harmful UVA rays are also hard to correct. An anti-wrinkle cream will help to plump the skin making it appear smoother but once the skin structure is

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