Right-Brain/Left-Brain..Don’t Limit Your Brain

When it comes to processing information, both halves of your brain can do it, just in different ways. The dominant side is normally used to process information, but the learning can be enhanced if both sides are used in balance. This means you’ll need to pump up your less dominant side, exercise it a bit. Knowing how each half of your brain works will help you to understand how to create a balance between the two sides.

The Left Side

  • Processes information in a linear style. That means that it takes pieces of information, lines them up and then puts them in a logical sequence, then comes up with a conclusion. List making is what left-brained people love to do. They love daily planning schedules, and they take great satisfaction in checking each item off the list as they accomplish it.
  • Has no problem when it comes to symbols such as words, letters, and math notations. The left-brain person is at home with linguistic and mathematical problems.
  • Verbal thinking. Has no trouble with

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